Dentistry is a vast field contains specializations in specializations. Specifically cosmetic dentistry is referred to any work related to teeth appearance, be it polishing, cleaning or anything which enhances the look of the gums, teeth or jaws. In detail it helps to improve the aesthetics (like: size, shape, alignment and all in all look of a face).

Basically, it’s completely a different field of study and normal dentist are not allowed to call themselves as a cosmetic dentists, as it requires specialization, special training and experience; it’s quite unjust to actual cosmetic dentist to label a normal dentist as ‘cosmetic dentist’. There are so many functions which a cosmetic dentist performs i.e. Whitening, bonding, bridging, reshaping, implants, gum lifts, straightening and bite reclamation. Cosmetic dentistry in Lane Cove involves primarily two types: Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.

Prosthodontics are related to teeth prostheses and also known as dental prosthetics or dentistry prosthetics, however it is one of the famous nine fields authenticated by the dental association USA. It masters the candidate in teeth replacement, aesthetics, restoration and beautification of teeth, which requires approx. 4 years of extensive training after completing dental school study; training consists of practice on surgical training, implants and rehabilitation with prostheses. Whereas, orthodontia known as orthodontics is something deals with the diagnosis, precautionary and correction of gums, teeth and jaws in order to add value to the milestone this field was discovered by one of the legend in the field of Orthodontists known as ‘Edward Angle & Norman William Kingsley’. Moreover, the history of orthodontics is deeply rooted with dentistry and its branches are part of medicine and to be specifically the treatment under orthodontics refers to teeth displacement only and with the precaution and modification of face growth.

In addition to this, cosmetics functions can be described in a bit detail like: Bridging an uncommon term used in dentistry field, in layman term to replace the missing teeth between two teeth, its actually an artificial teeth made by abutments is placed between the gap to make a false teeth called ‘pontics’ in medical term. Now that medical science has advanced so much Gum lifts are also available which actually picks the gum line above certain level after reshaping the tissue to make the appearance look better and prepare a symmetrical teeth line. Straightening function is not particularly related to hairs only, dental science has also played a vital role in straightening field a very common example of which are metal braces, to align the teeth accordingly. This facility has enhanced so many patients’ smile and makes them felt good.

We take care of ourselves, but some of us are so careless towards the health of our gums and teeth. Face and whatever is in the face is equally important try not to spoil what God has given us by smoking, alcohol, betel nuts and other harmful mouth cancer generating stuff. Don’t chew stuff which is extremely harmful for human gums and mouth. This is 2018 and honestly there is a lot of things healthy tasty and harmless to eat… other than these toxics.